24 July 2014

Playlist 21: Happy Birthday to Me

This is a scheduled post. I made a playlist of some of my favourite songs as a birthday present. To myself. On my own blog. Which nobody else reads...

3 July 2014

Playlist 20: Sweden

Songs that I didn't necessarily hear for the first time in Sweden, songs that I heard through friends I made out there, songs from clubs, and songs I hated but grew to like... all of which just remind me of being there and hopefully will do forever.


Some thoughts on the subject.

What sense does it make to cut welfare spending with the outcome that some people are made homeless and hungry; to deploy soldiers and engage in conflicts that will inevitably result in death; to decrease mental health funding that leads to increased suicides and self-harm; to spend money on technology and research that "unnaturally" prolongs life; to claim we live in a country that is free and just and fair when all the while, people are criminalised for not wanting to bow out in pain or ignore the wishes of those who wish to leave ? What right does any person have to tell another that they will be educated on subjects as they see fit, to then grow up and abide, work, contribute to the common lot, retire on a fraction of the value of their total labour and still in the end, their body which bears the scars of all of this is still not their own ?