5 March 2012

Murder by Context

The following questions are for a project I'm currently working on. By answering any of them I will assume you are giving your consent for me to reference them appropriately (using Harvard) in my work. I'd prefer responses via email: kateflood@live.com

If you'd rather answer in the comments section that is fine too. Feel free to be as vague, short or descriptive as you'd like: any answer is a good answer. All responses will be treated equally and without prejudice; even answers that go against my personal beliefs will be viewed objectively so be as honest as you feel comfortable with.

Your answers will not be reproduced for any purpose other than for my essay (which will be seen by only myself and my tutor), nor will any answers be made public.

The questions are as follows (answer as many or as few as you'd like):

1. How would you define 'murder' ?

2. Does your definition of murder change depending on the context ?

3. Do 'murder' and 'killing' equate to the same thing ?

4. Is there a moral difference between someone with the 'authority' to kill (ex. soldier/armed police officer) and someone without the 'authority' to kill (ex. serial killer) ?

I appreciate any responses and will respect any requests in terms of treatment of your answers.


  1. Just emailed you with my answerssss x

  2. I did the survey thing you tumbled. It was quite interesting to think about !

    1. Thanks man, helped me a lot. Glad I chose this subject, so much to think about X