30 August 2012

The Work of: Josef Vachal

Recently I have been blogging nothing but pictures, art and insignificant thoughts. May just save everything up and post it each Friday; the other things I will post whenever.

Today is Thursday and I wanted to post some pictures of the work of Josef Våchal; similar to Willy Pogany but not as 'glossy':

25 August 2012

24 August 2012

Tell Me More About Lance Armstrong

Just wanted to voice my thoughts on the Lance Armstrong issue because the world is full of wankers that really enjoy seeing someone else go through a negative experience.

I'm not entirely clued up on this but as it stands:
If he's consistently passed every drugs test he's taken then why still strip him of his titles ?
Why even have drug testing in place if the outcome is going to be dismissed regardless ?
How can people find it so hard to believe that an athlete can perform to the highest possible standard, time and time again, without seeking assistance from performance enhancing drugs ?

I know very little about cycling as a sport, no doubt even less so about Lance Armstrong, but from what I can gather the entire situation is pretty dubious and unfair. Those that are skeptical of his innocence are churning out the same bullshit logic: to cease protesting these charges must make him guilty. I think not.
Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor. To battle cancer isn't some small feat and so it is entirely believable and understandable when he claims that,
"There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say 'enough is enough.' For me, that time is now".

I can't comment on fighting cancer, or claims that could damage your career and reputation irretrievably. On a far smaller scale, though, I think everyone has at some time in their lives given up on fighting against a relentless and unfair allegation or situation simply because they feel that in the long-run the time, sacrificing happiness, energy, time and whatever else is not worth it.
Not arguing with people you know you could prove wrong because you've stopped caring about any kind of relationship with them, for instance. Much less catastrophic but the principle is the same.

Lance Armstrong has been co-operating with anti-doping agencies and proving his innocence through the means required of him for thirteen years. Everybody can respect the value of almost a decade and a half, not least someone who has dealt with a life-threatening illness. Of course, he may be proven guilty eventually - who is to say - but in the mean time he is innocent.
I myself believe him to be innocent, and to hound someone and grind them down for this time, for them to eventually say "this is not worth it" should not be taken as an admission of guilt but as the result of a vulturous imposition upon someone's life.

11 August 2012

That is Brand New Information

Some things I've learned in the last month or so that are (predominantly) new to me:

Face wipes don't actually clean your face. They remove a surface layer of make up and grime but end up pushing a lot of it back in to your pores. Which is disgusting. Since I found this out I've stopped neglecting 'my routine' when I can't be bothered every now and again (exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturise) and the difference it's made is insane.

Unless you're wealthy enough to be able to afford decent food then a vegan diet is actually really unhealthy. I eased myself into one slowly and it exacerbated my mental health issues, made me lose a lot of my carefully constructed muscle mass and made my skin so sensitive that I couldn't really wear make up for a long time. When I'm more financially secure I'd like to try it again but if you can't eat wheat or gluten and don't live in a place with access to nuts, tofu and soya that don't cost a small fortune then you stand no chance.
I went pescatarian for three weeks to 'balance it out', ate pepperoni by accident one night when I was drunk and threw up, and now I'm just on a vegetarian diet without intentional dairy (if there happens to be some in a sauce or something then I'm not too bothered).

Joanne Harris writes really good books. She wrote 'Chocolat', which I haven't read because the film adaptation stars (cringe) Johnny Depp and that was enough to put me off. Read 'Five Quarters of the Orange' or 'Gentlemen and Players', I got through both of them in a day and they're excellent.

Israel have anti-rape straws... if date rape drugs are added to a drink after the straw has been put in then it lights up to warn the recipient. Do they have these here ? Considering the amount of friends that have been subjected to date rape drugs and sexual assault, coupled with the fact that 17% of women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime (not counting attempted sexual assault, harassment or sexual assault against men), these should be standard, everywhere, by law. Or they should be funded by the Government and then distributed through S.O.S. buses or something.
I know that people say "if you watch your drink like a responsible person then it won't happen" but actually, yes it could, and even if you didn't watch your drink, getting spiked is entirely the fault of the person that does it and not the person that suffers as a result of it. It's sad that there's a need for precautions such as these straws but if it means someone can go home having avoided getting spiked after glassing someone that attempted to do so in the face then it'll be worth it.

In the sixties, people used to wash their hair maybe once or twice a week. I've been doing this for the last year and while sometimes it looks really gross and needs rescuing, especially after a particularly intense work out, the difference it's made to the overall quality is worth it. My hair is now effectively a really thick mane, it's a good colour, it's natural waves actually look quite cool rather than just hair belonging to someone that has given up their pride. I'm not a very sweaty person and so I can't speak for everyone but like deodorant, the more you use something the more often your body will require it.

The aluminum in deodorants has been linked to Alzheimer's and cancer. Excessive intake of Vitamin E, sweetener and free radicals such as those found in certain meats can also contribute to development of AD.

7 August 2012

Birthday Shoes

Harry ordered me some shoes as an early birthday present ages ago and they finally arrived after not having my size in stock for ages. They are bright orange, five inches high and pretty much out of this world:

1 August 2012

Photos from July

I have neglected blogging over the last couple of months as I haven't been as bored as often, particularly during the whole week (!) we had of summer but now I can't sleep so here are some pictures from the last month or so: